Dot TK Moves On Turkey

Dot TK logoDot TK, the domain name registry for Tokelau, seems to be hoping to confuse Turkish people by promoting the first live domain name auction in Turkey.

Turkey’s ccTLD is .TR, but to the uninitiated Turkish person or business, .TK would seem as likely to be their ccTLD as their own ccTLD. But Dot TK is also using the bureaucratic method for registering .TR domain names to their advantage.

Only one year after its launch in Istanbul Dot TK has registered more Turkish domain names within the .TK domain zone than there are .TR domains.

“.TR is the official top level domain in Turkey,” says Joost Zuurbier, CEO of Dot TK. “To get a .TR domain you have to wait at least two weeks, send copies of your tax forms and pay at least US$15.

“Dot TK domains are cheap, as cheap as US$3 per year. Our domains are easy to register and are available immediately. All these factors contribute to the decision that the Turkish people choose .TK domains over .TR ones.”

The auction will be held in Istanbul on 9 September at 14.00. More information is on the Dot TK website at along with a live broadcast of the auction.