Dot TK – Free domain names with no strings attached

Dot TK is the first country code top level domain registry that offers free domain name registration services

Dot TK, the registry for .TK domain names, today announced the launch of its free .TK domain name registration system during the 32nd ICANN meeting in Paris. ICANN is the US-based, not-for-profit partnership of people from around the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable.

Dot TK is the leading provider of free domain names – domain names that used to have mandatory commercial advertisements included on their site. With the new registration system in place, these mandatory advertisements are history. Starting today, commercial advertisements are removed from all the current and future websites that bear a .TK domain name.

“With a robust and growing domain portfolio (paid for by medium-size and large corporations) we now want to give something back to the Dot TK user community that registers domain names for free,” says Joost Zuurbier, CEO of Dot TK. “The income that is derived from advertising on free Dot TK domains has become a minor part of our total revenue stream. By removing the ads from the Dot TK websites, we invest in the growth of our free domain name portfolio.”

“The growth rate of new free domain name registrations in the last couple of months has been great, thanks to our increased multi-lingual support. By removing the last ‘obstacle’ in the Dot TK free domain name service, we’ll most likely see this growth become exponential. This will also raise Dot TK’s profile as a stable, customer friendly domain registry and subsequently increase the number of paid domains.”

Dot TK domains are often used to rename long and hard-to-remember URLs into easy and memorable domain names with the .TK extensions. To prevent dormant (but desirable) domains and domain hijacking, all free domain names registered should have at least 25 hits every 90 days to stay active. This restriction does not apply to paid domain name registrants, who not only receive the user-rights but also get the licence-rights for the domains – a reason why medium and large-size companies buy their .TK domains.

Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, its communication company Teletok and BV Dot TK, a privately held company. More information about Dot TK can be found on

For more information please contact one of the business development specialists at Dot TK on phone number +44 (0)20 77349596 / fax number +44 (0)20 77349597.