Dot TK cleans up Tokelau’s web domain

Following the Site Advisor report in March that found around one in ten .tk websites unusually risky, the ccTLD manager, Dot TK, has taken steps to improve their reputation.The registry’s chief executive admitted the report was very damaging and they “saw a decline of approximately 10% of new registrations in the countries where this report hit the press.”As per a recent news release, Dot TK has now installed a “content filtering system used to check newly registered websites for illicit content, such as adult entertainment, messages of hate and other websites that do no comply with Dot TK’s content policy.”ComputerWorld reports, “Although the McAfee report resulted in a decline of registrations, it was advertisers who pushed the company into installing the new security system, says Zuurbier.”‘Advertisers want to advertise on websites that do not contain illicit content. For obvious reasons, they don’t want their brand linked to any type of adult entertainment or casino websites, especially when these advertisers are from the US,’ he says.”Dot TK claim since the launch of the content filtering system, called WatchDot, hundreds of domain names have been taken offline.There are currently 1.6 million .tk registered domain names, with Dot TK paying the Tokelau government a percentage of revenues.And finally, ComputerWorld notes, “The only way to get to Tokelau is by boat from Apia, Western Samoa. The trip takes 37 hours.” Start rowing!See the ComputerWorld article on which this was based at see the Dot TK news release at

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