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Donuts and Rightside Get ICANN Approval for Merger

Rightside logoDonuts and Rightside have received ICANN’s approval to merge, or rather for Donuts to takeover Rightside, in a deal that was announced in mid-June valuing Rightside at $213 million. The consent was given on 15 July.

In a news release from Rightside that seems to have been written by a lawyer that’s never had a life, or an existence outside a law firm since birth, the headline gives it away. Not much else is understood.

At a guess, the takeover/merger still requires a majority of Rightside shares to approve the takeover, with responses required by 26 July.

Donuts is the largest manager of new generic top level domains with 197 new gTLDs and the fifth largest by domains under management with 2.269 million according to nTLDstats.com. Rightside is the second largest by new gTLDs with 40 and 654,000 DUM. The new company will have 2.923 million DUM and 217 new gTLDs, making it the largest by new gTLDs and fourth largest by DUM.

If you want to receive one of the worst news releases ever written annoucing ICANN’s consent, go to:

You’ll be sorry you did!