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Donuts Releasing Previously Reserved Domains For Travel gTLDs

Donuts logoDonuts is releasing the latest batch of previously reserved domains in ten travel-related gTLDs on 2 September. These domains have previously been held back due to name collision concerns.

The domains being released are in the following gTLDs: .VACATIONS, .VIAJES, .REISEN, .VOYAGE, .HOLIDAY, .CRUISES, .FLIGHTS, .DATING, .EVENTS, .SINGLES.

Each week this northern summer, Donuts – the world’s largest registry for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) – has been releasing thousands of highly valuable domain names that were previously withheld to address the potential for name collision (a technical issue meant to prevent “leakage” of browser traffic between the Internet and private networks). These domains include highly intuitive and specific terms, and are being made available via Donuts’ Early Access Program (EAP).

Between June and September, Donuts will have released 1.369 million domains that were originally held back due to name collision concerns.