Donuts Launches Travel.Domains Website

Donuts Inc. announced the launch of the website last week, with features to enable travel organisations, enthusiasts and industry professionals to browse, discover and purchase keyword-rich travel domains from its extensive TLD portfolio. Donuts travel TLDs include: .Travel, .Vacations, .Tours, .Voyage, .Cruises, .Holiday, .Flights, .Guide, .City, .Viajes, .Taxi, .Town, .Cab, .Reise / .Reisen, .Zone and .Limo.

Using Donuts’ powerful Relevant Name Search engine (RNS), website visitors can quickly find and select their domain names from a real-time inventory. When ready to check out, one click takes them directly to the registrar’s shopping cart (in this case, to, making the entire shopping process simple, seamless and convenient. Now that the website is launched, Donuts is offering shopping cart integration to all registrars.

“It’s never been more important for travel industry companies, regardless of size, to own their identity on the web. Our goal with this website is to showcase our outstanding domain-name portfolio to those in the travel industry, and simplify the shopping and checkout process,” said John Pollard, executive vice president and general manager, Donuts registry. “The integration experience with the registrar’s shopping-cart is one we hope to replicate with every registrar, because we think it’s a win-win: registrars acquire new customers, and travel industry pros find better domain names.”

In addition to powerful search and simplified shopping, the website contains a wealth of information and case studies related to the online travel industry. Visitors can read about how travel TLDs are being used today, while Registrars can link to the site and obtain useful market data pertaining to the travel industry and merchandising content (e.g., logos, taglines, and ‘fast facts’) for Donuts’ travel TLDs.

It’s expected that global digital travel sales will surpass $200 billion by 2019, and sales are not just concentrated in large online travel agencies or walled gardens. There are hundreds of thousands  of travel businesses looking to stand out on the web – particularly in markets that are not their home markets – and keyword-rich domain names help. Earlier in 2018, Donuts acquired the .Travel TLD due to strong growth in the category, the exceptionally high quality of registrants in the .Travel domain, and the strength and complementarity of the company’s existing travel-related TLD portfolio.

The Donuts travel TLD portfolio is ideal for travel agencies and adventure companies, tour operators, hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast hosts, local resource sites and tourist attractions, travel writers and bloggers, and luggage and other travel-related retailers. TLDs such as .Properties and .Rentals are resonating with those looking to maximize their offers across multiple vacation rental sites. In fact, earlier in 2018, the domain name was purchased for over $500,000, by an entrepreneur who has launched a vacation booking and rental service.

Travel enthusiasts and travel professionals can also leverage the Donuts portfolio for digital promotions and social posts. Recent research affirms the growing importance of web links that use real words, including new TLDs. In a survey conducted by Sapio Research and commissioned by Donuts, respondents overwhelmingly opted for branded short links using real words, over links containing long strings of characters and / or legacy short links. Reasons for preferring branded short links using real words included: more meaningful information, clarity of content, identification with the brand, trust and greater simplicity. To learn more about this survey, click here.