DomainTools Launches Iris For Cybersecurity Threat Investigations

DomainTools logoDomainTools has launched a new product called Iris they believe is an important product for cybersecurity threat investigations.

Iris, their CEO Tim Chen writes on the company blog, “combines our industry-leading domain and IP ownership data, domain profile data, DNS data, and 15 years of historical Whois and hosting infrastructure data into an intuitive web interface designed around DNS investigation workflows.”

Iris has been developed to make “it easier for investigators to follow clues, keep track of how they found those clues and put together a clear dossier on a threat actor” according to an IDG report.

Iris came about after DomainTools decided three years ago “to focus a majority of the company’s resources on building products for the cybersecurity industry.”

DomainTools began with data. For Iris DomainTools wanted to know about more registered domains in DNS, specifically in ccTLD zones, with the goal to make their extensive datasets more current and therefore more accurate and go beyond domain name Whois into other DNS datasets.

Iris, Chen wrote, is the web-based manifestation of those years of hard work.