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DomainsBot Announce Release of TLD Recommendation Engine For Registries

DomainsBot logo[news release] DomainsBot, the provider of leading domain suggestion technology, proudly announces its first product for registries. TLD Recommendation Engine for Registries is a product that services the world’s largest registrars, with the DomainsBot Name Suggestion API.

Last week, DomainsBot released the TLD Recommendation Engine for Registrars as a free add-on for registrars who already use the DomainsBot Name Suggestion API. The TLD Recommendation Engine debuted as a game changer for registrars carrying a large variety of TLDs.

The TLD Recommendation Engine for Registries allows TLD operators to define the relevance of their extension and increase the odds it will be presented to customers visiting registrar sites. Through the registry version, DomainsBot also provides key data to help registries properly position their TLDs among the competition. This is done by measuring the relevance to a given domain name search which is measured through intelligent machine learning that sources collected data. Metrics include content analysis of popular and relevant websites, frequency analysis of searched and registered domains, social media data mining and geographical targeting.

The TLD Recommendation Engine for Registrars replaces the current static domain search process with one that services multiple relevant TLDs. This new tool offers greater opportunity for registries to promote their TLDs in a way that has never been possible before.

“The TLD Recommendation Engine matches user intent with the targeted TLDs that are most likely to sell by defining and measuring relevance,” explains Emiliano Pasqualetti, CEO and Chief Data Scientist of DomainsBot. “Currently, the missing piece in domain marketing is the ability to arm registries with the ability to position TLDs directly in front of their strongest market segments. For a registry, TLD marketing is at its most effective when you can persuade the registrants that your TLD matters to them and this starts by effectively matching their purchase intent.”

New registries are already in line to become early adopters of The TLD Recommendation Engine for Registries. George Minardos, MinardosGroup CEO and applicant for .Build, .Construction and .Expert states: “Our team shares DomainsBot’s vision and are excited about the opportunity to be able to directly reach registrants right out of the gate. We know that we have a great product and we want to get it in front of as many interested parties as possible as soon as possible. .Build is very pleased to be among the early adopters of this groundbreaking service.”

The DomainsBot TLD Recommendation Engine will offer three tiers of service for registries. The first is the basic “Free” version available to all registries that provides the basic frequency analysis. The second tier is the “Start Up” option, which also offers geo targeting, advanced semantic analysis and the relevance booster. The third tier is the “Pro” option, which includes everything offered to Start Up level customers as well as deep analysis of entity, online content and social media.

To sample the free version of the TLD Recommendation Engine for Registries, please visit

To learn more about the TLD Recommendation Engine or to organize a meeting at ICANN Durban, please contact Emiliano Pasqualetti at

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