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DomainsBot and Open-i Advisors White Paper On Optimising Domain Name Data

DomainsBot logoHow do you use your domain name data more effectively? That’s a question DomainsBot and Open-i Advisors have sought to answer with a recently released white paper.

Based on their experience with Registry Operators, Registrars and Webhosters, the white paper aims to present some actionable examples of how to use analytics effectively to cut through the clutter, uncover key metrics and to understand the business implications of their raw registration numbers.

As DomainsBot and Open-i Advisors note, “a common misconception is that you need a big team of data analysts and a large budget to do Business Intelligence, which is why the wish to be more data-driven ends up remaining just a wish, buried among many other tasks that seem more urgent and important (and that paradoxically could be massively improved by better leveraging data).”

“The reality is that the key to be successful with BI, is not how big your budget is, but rather to know what questions to ask, and to have a clear idea of how to use that information for a specific goal.”

To prove this point, DomainsBot teamed up with Open-i Advisors to share their best tips and highlight a few simple things anyone can do to use domain data more effectively.

The paper seeks to address issues such as discovering new opportunities through competitive analysis, using data to build personas and improve customer experience, finding the real value of marketing spending, and driving loyalty and retention with reactivation campaigns.

It’s not that the data analysis is rocket science, and not that one can’t do it on their own, but the white paper suggests it’s probably more cost efficient to outsource and use, wait for it (!!!), companies such as DomainsBot and Open-i Advisors that have developed tools and expertise in this field that can get you off the ground faster. With customers that include Blacknight, Tucows, WordPress, Network Solutions, .shop and Weebly, among many others, they seem to have the answers.

The free 12-page white paper is available to download from:

The white paper suggests a few “low hanging fruit” steps they believe would give positive results quickly and be the starting point for a broader adoption of business intelligence and stronger, data-driven growth.