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DomainMongrel Launches Instant Domain Name Appraisal Tool

Domain Mongrel logo[news release] announces the launch of a new domain name appraisal tool that predicts the value of a domain name in the reseller market.

This new tool—Domain Name Estimator—offers domainers a rough indication of a domain’s worth by making use of advanced statistical analysis based on a number of factors.

These factors include:

  • Alexa monthly ranking: How the domain ranks in popularity both globally and in the US.
  • Global monthly searches: The number of searches made for the keywords globally.
  • Regional monthly searches: The number of searches made for the keywords locally.
  • Estimated keyword cost-per-click: The average cost per click for the popular keywords
  • Dictionary worth: If the domain name keywords are from the dictionary or not.
  • Historical domain sales: The tool takes into account past sales data of similar domain names.
  • Google hits: The number of google hits the keywords of a domain has globally.

The Domain Appraisal tool shows potential buyers and sellers the value of a domain to help them make an informed decision about pricing their domains.

Estimating a domain name value is a hard problem to solve given that the value of a domain name is determined by the end user. A domain name which is worth thousands of dollars to one user could be worthless to another. Given these problems, there are very few accurate domain name appraisal tools. Entering into the fray is, helping website owners make decent choices in estimating the value of a domain name before buying or selling it. has been beta tested on the hacker news where it was well received by the hacker community and made it to the front page. Current competitors includes and Sedo’s Domain Value Indicator tool.