Domaining Manifesto Now Available as Free Download

John Motson Domaining Manifesto book coverJohn Motson, domain name expert and online entrepreneur offers a complimentary e-book “Domaining Manifesto – Guide to Domain Name Success” providing detailed information to appraise, purchase, manage, trade, monetize and sell domain names with the aim of using domain names as an alternative investment option at a time of global recession and financial instability.

John Motson’s the, committed to revolutionizing the domain name industry with a series of practical, constructive and creative initiatives that will bring mainstream exposure to an industry deserving of more attention in a time of global recession and financial instability, today announced the release of a free copy of an 86 page e-book titled “Domaining Manifesto – Guide to Domain Name Success”.

With the dire state of today’s global financial market, domain names are turning out to be a very steady and reliable investment alternative as domain names are not reliant on a singular institution, country or entity that can fail.

“I wrote the Manifesto to focus on a need by people to make a success of their online entrepreneurship efforts at a time when offline jobs are harder to find. Every day, domaining gurus are feeding us the ‘all the good domains are gone’ phrase. Why? The answer is very simple. They are afraid of the competition! The truth is very different. Domain names can provide a risk free, steady, long term source of revenue unparalleled by anything else offered online today.”

John has been an avid domainer since the year 2000. He owns over a thousand quality domain names and has bought and sold more then a thousand domain names in the past seven years and made a sizable profit on each one. He has spent countless hours putting together the Domaining Manifesto to cater for every type of entrepreneur. Regardless of whether you are a domaining pro or a novice, you will find the Domaining Manifesto full of practical information to help you successfully deal with and invest in domain names.

With the publication of this free e-book and the imminent launch of the project, John hopes to reach as many people as possible and help enrich their lives while bringing mainstream attention to an industry that deserves it. “In order to succeed in the domaining world, you have to be focused and have a set agenda. My ebook helps you understand the industry and provides a practical guide to focus your efforts on the things that will bring you success both in the short and long term as a domainer and online entrepreneur. The book is free, download it, read it and start your path to success with domain names.”

The Domaining Manifesto is an e-book that has received rave reviews from some of the top people in the domain name industry. Here is what Ron James (owner of popular domain name forum said about the Domaining Manifesto: “John, I’m concerned. Are you sure you want to release this to the public? You’ve included knowledge in this book that’s taken domain industry pros like us years to learn. This Domaining Manifesto of yours will give people an unfair jump start into making serious money with domain names.”

Sahar Sarid, author of and owner of a collection of million dollar domain names had the following to say about the Domaining Manifesto: “For new or seasonal investors in the domain space, I feel this eBook can help get an idea of what is going on. If we look at the eBook as a stepping stone to the domain world, it’s definitely worth reading.”

To download a free copy of the Domaining Manifesto – Guide to Domain Name Success, please visit:

About John Motson:
John is the owner and author of popular domain name blog, delivering daily news and views on the domain name industry. He has been an avid domainer since the year 2000 and owns an enviable domain portfolio numbering just above a thousand domain names.