Domaining Europe Is Now NamesCon Europe

Domaining Europe has been rebranded and will become NamesCon Europe commencing with the upcoming event in Valencia, Spain, from 7 to 9 June.

Dietmar Stefitz, who founded Domaining Europe in 2008, will directly manage the 2018 event with the assistance of NamesCon producers Terri Potratz and Tania Kabantsov as Dietmar winds down into a smooth retirement. It’s NamesCon’s intention according to a news release that they will work closely with Dietmar to preserve the integrity and success of the show he spent so many years building. Dietmar will continue to advise as brand ambassador following the 2018 event.

Domaining Europe is billed as an event at which top level decision makers from the global domain industry share new ideas, do business and synergize. It enables the communication between registrars, registries and most importantly registrants. The continuous change of the global market and the constant addition of new top-level domains calls for new marketing and monetization strategies.

The 2018 event will include panels on domain valuation, inventory carrying costs, brokerage, monetisation of a domain portfolio, buy now versus negotiation, international domain industry profiles, drop catching issues and are they already a topic with new gTLDs? and an insiders view on drop catching including ccTLD’s.

“After 10 years of hard work I am thrilled to find a new home for Domaining Europe,” said Dietmar Stefitz, Domaining Europe founder. “NamesCon is the only entity to carry on this conference in the spirit of all involved, be it attendees, sponsors, or speakers. I want to thank all participants of Domaining Europe in the last years and wish the team of NamesCon Europe all the best for the future.”

“We are very excited to contribute to a successful NamesCon Europe 2018 under the direction of founder Dietmar Stefitz,” said Soeren von Varchmin from NamesCon. “Europe is an important forum for NamesCon, and as we enter into the 10th year of Domaining Europe we look forward to honoring Dietmar’s legacy and bringing even more value to the event for both attendees and partners.”

“The initiative to create NamesCon Europe as a successor to Domaining Europe will likely benefit the domain industry in much of the same way NamesCon Global has done in USA,” said .GLOBAL’s Rolf Larsen. The industry needs events that has a primary focus on commercial use and ownership of domain names. Naturally, an event like this becomes a melting pot for meetings between all layers of the domain industry.”