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DOMAINfest Global Presentations Now Online

DOMAINfest Global logoFor those who did not attend DOMAINfest Global 2012 conference, held just two weeks ago, or even those who just want to relive the experience, the presentations and videos from the conference are now online on the DOMAINfest site.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Debra’s Domeyer’s (Oversee Co-CEO) opening remarks
  • Scott Morrow (Oversee Co-CEO) Fireside Chat with Biz Stone.
  • PDFs of Landing Page Optimization, Local/Mobile Trends, Advanced PPC Practices, Affiliate LeadGen, SEO for 2012, Keyword Modeling, new TLDs, Domain Valuation, and Public Policies Impacting Domain Investors.
  • PITCHfest video, especially the last part when the panel of judges offered tips on how to give a winning elevator pitch.

To check out the session videos, see:

Speaker presentation are available here: