DOMAINfest auction a wash-out

We first learned that the domain name market was far from stable around eight years ago when the dotcom crash turned a booming market into dust in just a few months says Kieren McCarthy.While the aftermarket has grown in strength over the years, McCarthy thinks the DOMAINfest domain auction “demonstrated that the domain name space may be more stable but it ranks alongside art, rather than houses, when it comes to property.””In short, the auction was a bit of a wash-out, with none of the 200+ domains available exceeding expectations; most hitting the bottom-end of their estimated value; and a very large number meeting no bidders and being pulled off the floor.”McCarthy gives examples such as with a $100,000 reserve but nobody would touch, went unsold while went unsold “failing miserably its $1 million to $5 million price tag.”While there are examples of success, such as .me whose comparative success “shows that marketing breeds confidence – but now is not the time for flashy auctions it seems.”To read this blog posting by Kieren McCarthy in full, see:

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