DOMAINfest Adds Second PITCHfest Session Due to Demand

Due to an unexpectedly large number of good submissions for the PITCHfest session scheduled forTuesday, January 26, at DOMAINfest Global, a second PITCHfest session has been added. The submissions received have been extremely relevant to attendees and, accordingly, to accommodate all that deserve attention,it was decided to replace the LAUNCHfest session (scheduled for Thursday, January 28) with a second PITCHfest session.

The goal in hosting this PITCHfest contest was to find and present our audience with fresh, cutting-edge ideas on ways to improve revenue at either parked or developed domains.

Here’s more information about the sessions:


Four finalists will present in the first PITCHfest session on Tuesday, and another four on Thursday.  The finalists will be given five minutes each to present their product/service concepts.

Immediately after each five minute presentation, judges will be prompted for their opinion on the merits of the product/service presented. A total of ten minutes will be allocated to the comments from all judges combined after each presentation—times are intentionally kept tight to maintain a candid, hard-hitting session.

Judges will rate each concept, assigning a score of up to 25 points in each of the following dimensions:

  • creativity
  • viability
  • originality
  • revenue potential

A winner will be announced at the end of each round. After the second round, the audience can vote for the “People’s Choice” winner from both rounds. Winners get a nice trophy, but more importantly highly visible jump start toward success for their new product/service. And the audience will learn about new ways to improve their revenue.

Dialogue and questions are expected and encouraged to continue after each PITCHfest session over during lunch between presenters, judges and any attendees with a keen interest in the given product/services.


Judges for the first contest include Frank Schilling (Name Administration, Inc.), Adam Rioux (Octane360), Eric Liaw (Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), and Ron Sheridan.

The judges who were originally scheduled to participate in judging the LAUNCHfest will now judge the second PITCHfest. They include David Liu (Jefferies and Company, Inc.) Douglas McPherson (IdeaLab), Richard Morganstern (Tech Coast Angels), and Ron Sheridan.

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