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With domains there will always be a wise investor who looks at the opportunity of increasing there domain portfolio. Domain pulse has blogged about wise investments over the past few months and given a greater scope of how the domain world operates. I was reading through an article from Domain Informer that gives great insight into the way a domainer operates and the different categories they work in.

The Investor
These are the sharpest of them all. Buy good quality when prices are low, hold long term, sell high. These guys hold onto assets, maybe even develop them, ensure that they’re hot and in demand when the market is totally ripe, then sell them. The advantages of emulating this type is that you can afford to sell 1% of your portfolio each year and still manage to pull in the major bucks. The downside is renewals, unless your portfolio generates enough revenue, this cost needs to be factored in. People like Frank Schilling, Rick Schwartz, Sahar Sarid, Adam Dicker, Michael Goldman and probably most of the other big ticket guys will be found in this group.

The Flipper
These guys live to make a fast buck and sometimes the ‘buck’ can be a hundred thousand dollars or more on great buys. They know exactly which domain they can sell and to whom and for how much. If they can buy domains that they can sell immediately (1hr to 3 months) for higher valuation, they’re very liable to take the deal. This kind can be equated to the floor traders of yore. They’re fast, nimble and never hold large portfolios, in fact some only have the one domain they want to sell, right now, before moving on the next big deal. There is a lot of money to be made this way too, however its short term, here and now. So if you don’t sell, you don’t churn. I’ve seen some huge success stories in this lot too, Derek Giordano and Reece Berg are top of the mind here.

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