Domainer Mardi Gras Moniker & SnapNames Showcase Auction Catalogue Announced

Domainer Mardi Gras has announced the availability of the Moniker and SnapNames Showcase Auction catalogue of hand-picked generic and keyword domain names. This auction incorporates a special domain buying and selling opportunity for domain investors and businesses during Domainer Mardi Gras 2010.

The auction is being held online from Tuesday 9 February to Tuesday 16 February, commencing at 12:15pm PT, 3:15ET. Auction details can be found at:

Some of the .COM domain names available are:

  • DatingOnline
  • DiscountDrugstore
  • OnlineDiscounts
  • DomainStats
  • HomeRefinancing
  • DownloadSoftware
  • CleanMyCredit
  • SpamProof
  • Lawsuits
  • ChocolateBars
  • OrganicFoodStores
  • ForexInvestments
  • Manufactures
  • PokerLessons
  • PublicGolfCourses
  • PorterhouseSteaks
  • Toasts
  • ActingLessons
  • SaturdayNight
  • SilverEarrings
  • WoodShutters