Domainer Income Platform Publicly Available With Benefits For All Domainers

After many years of investment in time, energy and even some money, Simon Johnson has announced that his personal baby, Domainer Income, has gone public allowing others to profit from his years of research and experience to make money from trading in and monetising domain names.

On his blog posting announcing going public, Johnson, a co-owner of Domainer Income, says he was buying many many domain names and stockpiling them with the intention of making money from them, he has decided to release his enterprise grade Domain Investment Platform.

Johnson goes on to say that since there was not anything on the market that did what he wanted, he developed his own system to help him find and buy, the right kind of domains on a massive scale. He says it ended up being so big, they built a farm of dedicated servers at a top American data centre just to run it. He describes it as a system that plucked needles from haystacks over, and over again!

Initially there is free membership giving the budding, or already active, domainer everything they need to find, buy and profit from domain names. But there are free and professional versions of his platform after this.

Johnson said he has created many free videos that explain Domainer Income in more detail on the site and for a limited time there is also a free membership to trial his baby.

On the professional version there are daily updates on sales from a range of auction sites, daily domain drops for .AU and .CA and a wide range of other services, while there are a range of services also available in the free version.

Does it work? I have no idea, but you can check it out for yourself at