Domain Tools Leap Day Domain Auction

Domain Tools logoDomain Tools is hosting a live domain auction on February 29. The criteria is pretty simple writes Jay Westerdal. Domain Tools is looking for the best domains at or under $250 reserves. While they aren’t sure how many they will accept, if Jay thinks the domain is worth over $2000 and the reserve is listed at $250 he will pop it into the auction. Also featured will be all domains not sold in the January auction. There is no holding period on the domains if domains don’t sell in the auction and the commission is the standard 10%. There is no fee for listing, only commission if the domain sells. Now is the perfect time to submit some killer low value domains.

The full catalogue is available now but will close on February 22. Domains will continue to added to the list as they are selected. Bidding is currently open and submission is currently open. The gavel goes down at 11am on February 29th PST.

To see the full list of domains currently listed, go to

For those that have premium/generic domains, they are currently accepting domains for the Domain Roundtable live auction.

Jay’s original posting appeared on the Domain Tools blog at