Domain Roundtable Next Week!

Domain Roundtable logoThe Domain Roundtable Conference is on next week, from April 18 to 21 in San Francisco. The Domain Roundtable Conference is about domains–where industry professionals and audiences alike gather to discuss issues, exchange ideas, and make deals. So all domainers should be sure to attend.

On the agenda for the 2008 conference are:

  • a live domain auction on April 21
  • keynote presentation from Gary Kremen who will discuss and (although a read of Kieren McCarthy’s excellent book would be a good start! For those wanting to find out more about the book, see, and for those wanting to order the book check out Amazon UK here.)
  • CEO Roundtable featuring the heads of the most successful domaining companies who will discuss the current economic conditions of, and predictions for, the our industry based on the recent effects instigated by the U.S. economy
  • Emerging Trends, Emerging Companies panel that will discuss new companies and the new services they bring, whether these are worthwhile and if so, what benefits they bring
  • parking analysis – with all the changes at Google and Yahoo!, what is going to happen with parking?, and a look at PPC, fraud and the industry’s evolution
  • a Q&A with Matt Cutts an expert on Google Search Engine Algorithms
  • an SEO experts panel
  • DomainTools Tips & Tricks
  • Advanced Domain Valuation
  • and many more!

See the agenda at for more information or the conference home page at

On the domain auction, Jay Westerdal in a posting on the Domain Tools blog showcases a few of the domains going to auction at the Domain Roundtable this year that had reserves under $10,000. It is not the complete list, just a sample of domains that are priced under $10,000 reserves to start the auction. Jay believes some of the domains on this list are worth A LOT MORE then $10,000. Check out the list and guess how many domains will go for over $10,000. The auction is being held both in person at the Domain Roundtable and online using their AJAX based auction system.

Below are some of Jay’s random selection of domains under $10,000:

  • Loan
  • Secret
  • Domain Name
  • Manager
  • Hiv
  • Nail
  • Ground
  • starting at less then $500!!!!
  • Organic
  • Drug Abuse
  • Sell
  • Global
  • Medical

There is more information on the Domain Tools blog at