Domain Pulse 2017 Conference Call For Papers

Domain Pulse, the conference for the largest annual German language domain name industry conference, has put out a call for papers for its 2017 get together to be held in Vienna, Austria, on 16 and 17 February.The theme for Domain Pulse 2017 is Networks and Networkers and will look at the broader spectrum of the term. Such as who and what is linked, how important are networks, where does networking take place and how does it work and what problems does networking bring and/or solve?While this is the general theme, other ideas, particularly relating to domain names, will be considered. The conference organisers, in 2017 the Austrian registry, is not only looking for academic contributions but also application-oriented and practical inputs covering the sociological and technical meaning of networks.There are two formats for presentations:

  • The first is an introductory speech with a maximum time of five to 10 minutes and up to five slides. The purpose of introductory speeches is to give a quick overview on a topic. There are no questions from the audience.
  • The second is a “Lightning Talk” with a timeframe of 15 minutes for the talk and five minutes for a Q&A and a maximum 10 slides. In a lightning talk a topic can be further elaborated. There is the possibility for the audience to discuss and ask questions.

For interested presenters, an abstract submission and a CV can be sent to before 10 December and include whether the proposal is for an introductory or lightning presentation. Abstracts should be a minimum of 500 and a maximum 700 words and give a rough overview of ideas and or work. Presentations can be given in German or English.The organisers have outlined the benefits for speakers saying there will be the opportunity to participate in the two-day conference and broaden networks. There is also an invitation to attend the speaker’s dinner on the evening before the conference and to enjoy all the amenities of the two days (+1). There is no financial remuneration to speakers however in special cases travel and hotel costs will be covered.Proposals will be considered and evaluated with announcements made after 9 January. For more information on the Domain Pulse conference and the call for papers see: