Domain Name Registrations in Latin America Continue to Boom

Today there are more than 4.5 millions of registered Domains Names across Latin America according to statistics from Latino Americann. To date in 2009 there has been a growth in domain registrations of ten per cent, and in June the growth was 1.64 per cent.

The ccTLDs with the greatest growth are .BR, .AR, .VE and .MX.

While in June, the ccTLDs showing the greatest percentage growth were .EC (7.50%), .MX (4.11%) and .PY (2.69%).

The reason for the growth amongst .EC and .MX were a price promotion and the opening of the second level respectively.

In total registrations, the greatest growth in June occurred .BR (30,263), .AR (21,892), .MX (12,663) and .CL (3,159).

The statistics for the above is courtesy of Latino Americann at Thanks to NameAction for alerting us to the information.

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