Domain name registration scams

It seems fake registrars have emerged and are now trying to promote domain registrations, currently AsiaDNR and China registry are the new culprits. My personal opinion is domain buyer beware as they contact people that have trade marks and tell them if they do not register there company’s names they will sell them off to someone else. This is obvious fraud but when your company could lose there Internet market share it’s something that can plague you.

China Registry are also stealing images from reputable companies. I assume they have done this to coax unsuspecting domain buyers into thinking its a registrar they can trust.

A U.S. judge has ordered a Canadian company to stop billing small businesses and other customers for nonexistent domain name registration services, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday.

The Toronto-based Data Business Solutions, doing business as Internet Listing Service, deceptively posed as domain name registrars and sent bogus bills to thousands of U.S. small businesses and nonprofit groups, the FTC alleged. The invoices were for annual “Website address listing” as well as search engine listing.

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