Domain Name Disputes at an All-Time High

The Wall Street Journal has a detailed look at the growing number of domain disputes over the years, from one in 1999 to 2,156 in 2007. They suggest that if there are any securitisation lawyers out there looking for work, they suggest litigating domain name disputes!As part of the article they contacted Doug Isenberg of the GigaLaw Firm who specialise in representing companies in domain-name disputes and other areas of internet law. Isenberg “attributes the ever-increasing number of disputes to the continued growth of companies doing business on the Web and the growing number of cyberscams.”The article notes “Isenberg points out that there is a legitimate business in buying, selling and using domain names (i.e., domaining), he says that the problem is that many ‘domainers’ don’t understand or disregard intellectual-property law. This shows in the results of WIPO arbitrations: About 85% of trademark owners prevail when they bring these complaints.”To read the article, see

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