Domain Monetization 2.0 – EVO Landing Announces Public Launch and Series A

evo landing logo(Announced at DomainFest Hollywood) Have you ever registered a domain name from GoDaddy or with the intent on building a website? Chances are that you never found the time or money to actually make that website a reality. A new company out of Seattle is looking to change what you do with your registered domain. EVO Landing (‘EVO’) has announced the release of its domain development platform, which aims to create value and traffic for your domain while making you money.

With the EVO platform, domain owners are now able to instantly create dynamic websites comprised of media-rich, relevant content based on the value of the domain name. Whereas traditional parked pages generally rely on transient traffic typed into a browser’s URL bar, sites on the EVO platform grow organically as web users can find the sites via search engines, recommend the site to friends, engage with the site’s content, and return daily to find fresh content.

“The Internet has evolved, but the domain industry has yet to really make the leap to Web 2.0,” says CEO, Geoffrey Nuval. “A domain like would be more appropriate as an informational website whereas would probably make more sense as a storefront,” explains Geoffrey. “To create the depth in content for each module, we have inked special partnerships with various niche sites, including, Epinions,,, PredictAd, Shareapic, and Wishpot, … even more deals are in the works as we expand across the long tail.”

Rather than employ a one-size-fits-all template, EVO’s modular-based approach enables sites to be directly tailored to a specific domain name.

According to CTO Daniel Rust, “The EVO platform bridges the gap by bringing together advanced integration and analytics technologies and boiling it down into a simple to use system. Our technology semantically analyzes the domain name to determine what type of site it should be, as well as identifies new niche markets to insure optimal monetization and relevance of all the sites.”

The Company received initial funding from Seattle angel investors in November 2007 and then closed its Series A round in December 2007 with Monster Venture Partners (‘MVP’). “My investment in EVO Landing weighed heavily upon the fact that they were able to prove out the revenue model,” says Robert Monster, Managing Director of MVP and Partner at the Internet Real Estate Group (‘IREG’). “For my own due diligence, I moved a number of domains from a reputable traditional parking solution onto their system and within forty-five days I saw a 5x increase in traffic and 3x increase in revenues. I have since moved my entire portfolio onto their system.”

The Company has already achieved considerable growth during its beta phase. “Within our two and-a-half months in beta, we have grown our network to over 10,000 sites with no two sites alike,” says SVP Sales & Strategic Marketing, Mark Michael, “Our admissions analytics system is pretty strict because we want to keep the quality of the websites on our network high — less than 15% of submitted names have been accepted onto the system.”

About EVO Landing

EVO Landing (‘EVO’) is a next-generation domain monetization platform built around its ability to instantly generate topic-relevant, media-rich websites. EVO is a limited liability corporation (LLC) based in Seattle, WA and was founded in October 2007 after months of dedicated research and years of Internet site design and search engine optimization experience.

EVO’s proprietary technology is a web-based software and methodology that harnesses the power of the semantic web. Using a modular-based architecture, every site managed through EVO Landing is updated dynamically, daily, and automatically with relevant, rich-media (articles, listings, products, photos, videos, downloads). Domain names can now be truly regarded as online investments as they enjoy the added monetary benefits of multiple ad-network integration, multiple affiliate program integration, and exclusive partnerships.

For more information, please visit or read the Company blog at

About Monster Venture Partners

Monster Venture Partners (‘MVP’) is a new breed of early-stage venture capital firm based in Seattle. MVP’s investment philosophy is to engage in a genuine hands-on partnership with founders to jointly create value for all stakeholders. For larger opportunities, MVP co-invests with leading investors from around the world, selecting from a universe of like-minded investors who are able to add strategic value. MVP is focused on three primary verticals: marketing technology, consumer healthcare, and global consumer Internet.