Domain Fraud – Being Cheated by a 16 Year Old

Domain Bits has a story about stolen domain names at Domain Name Forum. “In this case, “jayspot” of DNF purchased the domains,, and from “Alexa the Top”. Jayspot paid $115,000 for the first two domains, and paid via He paid $8,500 for the third domain – $3,500 via Western Union to Alexa the Top and $5,000 via wire to the TD Canada Trust bank account of one “Ehsan Mahpour” in Toronto. The sale was brokered by “9MM” of DNF, who received the domain as his commission.”

According to the story in Domain Bits, all of the domains were stolen with Jayspot losing “his money despite taking the precaution of completing most of the purchase via 9MM, who claims to be a 16 year old boy in Ontario, admits that he knew all along that the domains were stolen. While the domains have been or are in the process of being returned to their rightful owner, Jayspot is out of a heck of a lot of money. He has contacted the FBI and may be contacting the Toronto police.”

To read the story, and read Domain Bits’ seven tips to protect yourself from domain fraud, check out the story at