Domain disputes – &

A couple of domain disputes involving the domain names, and
Babcock and Brown, the Australian global investment and advisory firm, have taken legal action against the registrant of According to,  Babcock and Brown have asked for legal action to be taken to reclaim the domain name, which “currently provides links to a range of financial services, including products distributed by troubled mortgage investment provider First Capital Securities.”
Meanwhile, Carnival has won exclusive rights to the domain name after the firm that registered the Internet site was found to have no link to its most famous ocean liner according to a Reuters report in The Age. The original registrant was found by a WIPO panel to lack the “rights or legitimate interests in respect to the domain name” and did not contest the dispute.
For more information on the Babcock and Brown dispute, see,21985,22161664-664,00.html
For more information on the dispute, see