Updates for .DOHA, .QA, .قطر and .KRD Plus Verisign’s .COM and .NET Trending Keywords

Qatar Communications Regulatory Authority logoThe Qatari Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) plans to launch .doha for eligible entities and organisations in Doha. This comes as part of CRA’s strategy to foster the development of Qatar’s TLDs as a key public resource, by providing stable, secure, and trusted domain name services, as a priority in helping shape Qatar’s role in the digital economy.

“Qatar Domains Registry (QDR), an initiative under CRA, has registered 21,601 domains since its launch in 2011,” said Faisal Ali Al-Shuaibi, CRA’s spokesperson. “After facilitating the steady growth in its domain volumes, QDR is now on a fast track to make .doha the dot capital of Qatar on the internet world map. Strategic initiatives in Qatar can now have a web address ending in .doha as a unique alternative to the traditional .qa,” he added.

The current set of extensions that are made available by QDR through its accredited Registrars for public registrations include .qa and .com.qa, net.qa, and the Arabic equivalent of .qatar (.قطر ) each second level .qa with its unique set of eligibility requirements.

The .qa and .قطر TLDs are available for anyone, anywhere to register. Other TLDs and 2LDs restrictions mean a Qatari presence is required. More information is available here:

In their announcement, the CRA didn’t set dates for the launch of .doha and .قطر.

The Kurdish community around the world has a TLD to represent them with .krd. The TLD is available to businesses, individuals and organisations worldwide. The Sunrise period for .KRD started on 5 August 2015 and ended on 4 October. General availability commenced on 3 April.

The latest top ten trending keywords in .com and .net have been published by Verisign for the month of March. In March the top keywords in .com were building, trump, chat, cuba, lots, bot, dentist, shower, seas and burn. For .net they were chin, garage, jobs, bot, date, electric, working, bad, per and weight.