Does the U.S. need a new broadband policy?

[IDG] Advocates for new policy say nation is falling behind others in key broadband statistics, while providers claim they’re spending billions to expand and improve networksKen Hubbard worries that broadband speeds in the U.S. aren’t adequate for the next wave of Web content.Hubbard, president of networking startup InteliCloud Technology, said he’s generally not a fan of large government programs, but it may be time for the U.S. Congress to look at ways to encourage rollout of faster broadband services.,146271-c,businesscenter/article.htmlBroadband Policy: The Connected Nation Model [IDG]
In recent debates over whether the U.S. should have a more comprehensive broadband policy, one group claims significant success: Connected Nation.Connected Nation, which started as a state program called ConnectKentucky, uses mostly state and some federal and private funding to stimulate broadband roll out. The nonprofit group says it has expanded broadband availability in Kentucky from 60 percent of households to 95 percent of households since January 2004. How the US Stacks up [IDG]
Groups calling for a more robust broadband policy in the U.S. say the county has fallen behind in several key statistics.Many groups have expressed concern that the U.S. continues to fall behind other nations in broadband adoption. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) ranked the U.S. 15th among its 30 member nations in broadband adoption per capita as of December.

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