DNSSEC Opened To Registrars In Final Step to Deployment

AFNIC logoOn 19 April, AFNIC opened DNSSEC to all its registrars. Now registrars will be able to use their automated EPP or Extranet interface to communicate signature elements concerning domain names to AFNIC.

This will ensure the security of domain names by activating an authentication chain. This is the final step of the deployment of DNSSEC which AFNIC started last September by signing the .FR and .RE TLDs.

After 19 April, registrars will be able to ask AFNIC for domain names to be secured with DNSSEC. This crucial step secures the authentication chain. In particular, DNSSEC prevents attacks by cache poisoning, i.e. attacks which aim to capture and divert queries without users realising it, with the risk that users may disclose personal data in the belief that they are on the legitimate site of the attack victim.

With its expertise in DNSSEC, AFNIC will now seek to propagate its know-how.

For more information on .FR, see the AFNIC website at www.afnic.fr.

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