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DNSSEC fully operational for .BE

DNS BE logoAs from 4 October .be domain names can be signed with DNSSEC

Through their registrar, all .BE registrants can attach DNSSEC key material to their .BE domain names, thereby completing the chain of trust all the way up to the root zone.

Anyone visiting a website using a DNSSEC signed domain name can be confident to reach the requested website.

As of now DNS.be will encourage .BE domain name holders and their registrars to sign .BE domain names with DNSSEC.

DNSSEC was designed to protect users from forged DNS data, such as that created by DNS cache poisoning. All answers in DNSSEC are digitally signed using public-key cryptography. By checking the digital signatures, a DNS resolver is able to check if the information is identical to the information on the authoritative DNS servers.

About DNS.be

DNS.be is a not-for-profit organisation established in February 1999 by ISPA Belgium (Internet Service Providers Association), Agoria and BELTUG (Belgium’s communication technology and services user Group). Our aim is to register .BE domain names, to make the Internet more accessible and to support its usage.

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Europe Registry logoTo register your .BE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.