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DNS.BE Passes One Million Domain Name Registrations After Another Record Year in 2009

A record number of domain name registrations in 2009 have led to the registration of the one millionth .BE domain name last weekend.DNS.BE announced that 2009 ended with a total of almost 978,000 domain names, a net growth of almost 14 per cent for the year. The financial and economic crisis has clearly not stopped Belgians from registering domain names, especially since 70 per cent of registrants were located in Belgium.”The positive trend we saw in 2009 is clearly continuing this year as well. In January of this year we registered more than 24,000 new .BE domain names, which is noticeably more than in the same month in previous years,” said DNS.BE eneral manager Jo Van Gorp.”The 1 millionth domain name is the result of the excellent reputation the .be domain has built up over the years, the enthusiasm and dedication of our employees providing DNS BE’s high-quality and innovative services, and our registrars’ strong campaigns.”The registrant of the one millionth domain name, Erwin Boekee, will have his registration fee paid for 25 years.The record number of new registrations in 2009 of 232,746 domains was the sixth year in a row where a record number of new .BE domain names were registered. The increase was 4.4 per cent more than in 2008, when 222,919 new domain names were registered.And the year saw a total increase of 118,524 compared with the year before. This number represents net growth of 13.8 per cent, a slight drop on the 2008 increase of 16.7 per cent. But as DNS.BE nots, this decline is a logical evolution for the net growth: the more the total number of domain names rises, the smaller the net growth in percentage terms.There has also been a noticeable increase in Belgian individuals registering .BE domain names. In 2008, the percentage was only 30 per cent, whereas in 2009 that figure rose to 34 per cent of the total number of Belgian domain names.”We are delighted with the way this trend is developing,” said Mr Van Gorp. “The way we see it, there are significant benefits associated with having your own domain name.”Because users create their own email addresses, they can easily switch from one Internet provider to another without having to miss out on a single email. It also means that when they make a change, there’s no need to notify all of their contacts of their new email address, because it stays the same, regardless of the provider.”To register your .BE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.