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DNS.be Information Campaign Commences

DNS BE logoDNS.be, the .BE registry, commenced the next stage of its information campaign on 5 September. Its 2010 campaign was targeted at the Belgian self-employed and small SMEs. Now they are zooming in on a more specific section of this target audience: professions and intellectuals. Our aim is to convince them that having a presence online is extremely important for them too.

During September and October the campaign will run in the Belgian media in the two major local languages (French and Dutch), as well as via a number of partners: (FVIB & Unizo + Unplib & UCM).

The campaign will see:

  • a TV commercial in the General Messages segment on both Flemish and Walloon broadcasters.
  • print ads in the specialist journals aimed at the medical professions.
  • via our partners by way of banners, a mailing featuring the commercial, advertisements, articles, etc.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .BE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.