DNS.PT automates the domain registration for .PT

[news release] DNS.PT is on the second phase of implementation of the Registry-Registrar Protocol which aims to expedite the registration of domains .PT by FCCN registrars agents, following the specifications of the EPP protocol (Extensible Provisioning Protocol).

DNS PT logoThe EPP protocol is an international standard that uses XML and contains commands of session control, search and modification of content.

The whole process of registering and managing domains is automated with a direct interaction between information systems of the registrars agents and FCCN (responsible for Portugal country code domain). Besides the simplification of all communication between these parties, the system will be more efficiency and will reduce costs of operation.

The integration of the EPP protocol ccTLD .PT will allow registrars agent the development of an interface that communicates directly and in real time with the registration system of FCCN.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .PT domain name, check out Europe Registry here.