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DNS Belgium security policy producing results

DNS.be logo[news release] .be domain names just keep on scoring better in terms of security. That much can be seen from the six-monthly phishing report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG).


The table shows how Belgium performed alongside a number of other extensions, from the second half of 2008 to 2012 (see apwg.org).

Belgium’s good score is due to the detailed checks that DNS Belgium has been carrying out for a few years now on newly registered .be domain names. In June 2010, DNS Belgium began the daily screening of all new domain names being registered. This screening is done in the first place to quickly detect cases of phishing. At the same time, we are also conducting research into the accuracy of the WHOIS details held on newly registered domain names.

Global Security Map, an interactive tool that focuses on the geographic distribution of cybercrime, also gave high marks to Belgium. The HE index allocates a score based on the presence of spam, malware, badware, phishing and botnets on Belgian servers. The higher the score, the greater the incidence of cybercrime. Belgium scores 64 out of 1000, which is an outstanding result compared with neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands (209) and Luxembourg (315).

Close cooperation with both the Federal Computer Crime Unit (FCCU) and the Federal Cyber Emergency team (CERT) also certainly contributed significantly to Belgium’s good results in the area of security.

Belgium is an economically prosperous country with a high level of internet and computer penetration among families and businesses. Online activity will only increase further in the future. To ensure that Belgium’s social and business worlds operate properly, increasing attention is being focused on individual security among all of the various players using the internet, ranging from private individuals and companies to providers of internet services.

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