DNS Belgium Introduces Domain Guard To Protects .BE Domains

[news release] Some domain names are so important or of such great value that you want to have total control over them. You also want to be absolutely sure that no alterations take place without your explicit approval.  To meet this need, DNS Belgium has created Domain Guard, which is designed to enable you to give your domain name the strong security and protection you want.

If ever a request is made to modify something about your domain name or the details relating to it, DNS Belgium will contact the authorised person designated by you to ask for approval.

It may be highly unusual, but it is possible for a domain name to be deleted inadvertently. Unscrupulous individuals may also deliberately attempt to hijack domain names or make changes to the registration details. But with the strength of Domain Guard, these sorts of scenarios can be avoided and you can be 100 per cent certain that your domain name is safe.

Domain Guard ensures that your registrar is unable to alter the details linked to your domain name. This means that your domain name cannot be deleted or transferred. Some of the other TLDs call this service “Registry Lock”.

More information about Domain Guard and how you need to request it for your domain name.

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