DNS Belgium Advises .BE Registrants To Be Wary Of “Invoices” from BE Domein Host

[news release] DNS Belgium received some questions and complaints in regards to recent “invoices” from the company BE Domein Host. We would like to stress that this company is unknown to us, and is not a DNS Belgium registrar.

DNS Belgium advises everyone who receives an “invoice” from BE Domein Host to read the document carefully. The document is not an invoice but an offer for a service, in this case the registration of a .info domain name. You are therefore not required to accept this offer or to execute a payment.

The offer does not relate to your .be registration. It is merely an offer to register the .info domain name that corresponds to your .be domain name.
In the Netherlands a similar type of “invoices” are distributed. There the company is called NL Domein Host. Our colleagues form SIDN have also written an article on the matter.

We advise .be domain name holders to always contact their registrar in case of doubt. He will be able to provide you with more information regarding these types of offers and assist you in selecting services that might be of benefit to you.

Below you will find an example of the “invoice” in question.

Factuur BE Domein Host

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