DK Hostmaster Running Courses On How To Protect Your Domain Name

DK Hostmaster is running free courses on IT security in May at their offices in Copenhagen. The courses are to help gain an insight into different techniques to tighten security of domain names.

The courses are run over 4 days from 6 to 9 May and each day’s course is listed below:

  • Monday, May 6: learn to understand DNS concepts, configurations and basic security aspects of DNS
  • Tuesday, May 7: introduction to DMARC, which can effectively upgrade the security of email systems.
  • Wednesday, May 8: learn more about DNSSEC, which is a signing method that prevents hackers from changing the name server process and thereby take control of a domain name.
  • Thursday, May 9: learn to understand the latest developments in email and web traffic protection and learn about DANE, which is an extension of the security offered by DNSSEC.

All courses take place at DK Hostmaster in Ørestaden, Copenhagen and include catering.

To register, send an e-mail to with name, company name and course title.