Disaster.com Up For Grabs for $850K Minimum

D&D Consulting, Ltd. has put the domain name disaster.com up for sale by silent auction with a minimum bid of US$850,000.

The current owner, who provides network design, information security, systems and technology management services for the public and private sector, has put the domain name up for sale due to the diversification of the business and the intention that revenue from the sale will help drive future growth of the company.

“While still providing Continuous Business Operations services, after eighteen years D&D Consulting has diversified. Liquidating this asset will enable additional investment that will help drive the future growth of D&D Consulting Ltd.,” said CEO Christopher Labatt-Simon.

“I anticipate a domain of this value to be snapped up” Labatt-Simon continued. ”Single word domain names of this rarity come to market infrequently and I am confident of a rapid sale.”

D&D Consulting, Ltd. originally registered the domain name in 1994. The sale will take place by silent auction and is expected to conclude by 20 November 2009.

Interested parties should go to disaster.com for more information.