‘Digitally addicted kids threaten to return civilisation to the Dark Ages’ by Andrew Keen

The internet is creating a generation of ignoramuses with tiny attention spans, who will surely become the dumbest generation in history.One of the most troubling of all American cases over the last couple of years is that of Megan Meier, an overweight, psychologically troubled St Louis, Missouri, teenager who committed suicide in 2006 after she was cyberbullied by an online boyfriend called “Josh Evans”.Later, however, it transpired that Josh was actually Lori Drew, the middleaged mother of an ex-friend of Meier’s, who – quite literally – drove the teenager to hang herself in the closet of her bedroom.I’m not alone in observing the consequences of online technology for reading habits, literacy, and education. Over the past 18 months, a series of excellent books and articles have been published by experienced academics and journalists who share my concern about the dire intellectual and cognitive consequences of the digital revolution. The news, I am afraid, is bleak.

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