‘Digital Universe’ 10% bigger than predicted

IDC has measured the size of the “digital universe” — all the digital data stored globally — and it is 10 percent bigger than first predicted and will be 10 times bigger again by 2011.IDC said the scope of the digital universe has now reached 281 billion GB and its future growth will force enterprises to adapt to ever-increasing storage demands.According to the company, 2007 was the first year the digital data being generated exceeded the amount of storage available.
www.zdnet.com.au/news/hardware/soa/-Digital-Universe-10-percent-bigger-than-predicted/0,130061702,339286710,00.htmStudy: amount of digital info > global storage capacity
An IDC research study sponsored by information management giant EMC provides insight into the explosive growth of digital information. IDC uses a complex formula to estimate the size of the “digital universe,” the total volume of digital information that is created and replicated globally.They say that this number reached 281 billion gigabytes (281 exabytes) in 2007, which adds up to about 45GB of digital information for each person on earth. For the first time ever, the total volume of digital content exceeds total storage capacity. IDC speculates that, by 2011, only half of the digital universe will be stored.

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