Differences In Lodging UDRP Complaints With WIPO And NAF

Ever wondered what the difference is in lodging a UDRP complaint with WIPO or NAF? Doug Isenberg says he’s often asked this question and so has set out ten differences when lodging complaints with the two organisations, who handle 97% percent of all complaints.

Isenberg notes the World Intellectual Property Organisation handles 53 percent of the complaints while the National Arbitration Forum handles 44 percent. And he also serves as a panellist for each, as well as for the Czech Arbitration Court, which also is a UDRP service provider.

The ten differences between lodging a complaint with WIPO and NAF deal with allowed length of complaints and responses, fees, handling refunds, supplemental filings, extensions of time, public/bank holidays, time taken to publish decisions, location, staff – languages spoken and number and dealing with precedent.

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