.DEV Early Access Period Commences With General Availability on 28 Feb

The Early Access Period for Google’s .dev new gTLD, the first chance for the public to register .dev domain names, commenced on 19 February and runs through until 28 February. Early Access periods are where anyone can register available .dev domains for an extra fee, which decreases each day during the period leading up to General Availability when a standard registration fee commences.

Google is aiming .dev at those who built the web: developers, designers, writers and architects. Google hopes .dev will be a new home for online communities, a place to learn the latest tech and showcase projects.

Google has already started using .dev for some of their own projects, like web.dev and opensource.dev. Other companies like Mozilla, Netflix, Glitch, Stripe and JetBrains among others have also started using .dev. Some of those showcased on a Google blog post include GitHub.dev, grow.dev, accessibility.dev for digital accessibility solutions, Slack’s helpful tools, libraries, and SDKs at slack.dev, Women Who Code at women.dev, Jetbrains.dev offers software solutions that make developers more productive and Codecademy.dev that helps to brush up on skills (or learn new ones).

Like other recent Google new generic top level domain launches for .app and .page, .dev will be secure by default because it requires HTTPS to connect to all websites. This protects people who visit .dev sites against ad malware and tracking injection by internet service providers, and from spying when using open WiFi networks.

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