DENIC’s websites to be secured with HTTPS

Denic Logo[news release] In the past, several features of the DENIC web pages – such as the domain lookup service WHOIS – were already secured with HTTPS. As of 15 September 2015, all DENIC web pages will be fully TLS-based. Once this change has been made, browsers will automatically redirect to HTTPS when calling up the website

The secured connection via the communication protocol HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protects against the intercepting the communication between two computers. Thereby, the integrity and privacy of user data being exchanged between the DENIC webserver and the DENIC website is ensured. With this action, DENIC is addressing the expectations of users awaiting a secure enviroment when visiting the DENIC website.

Data sent via HTTPS are secured by the Transport Layer Security protocol, TLS. This entails three important security layers:

  •  Confidentiality: The transferred data is encrypted so that it cannot be intercepted. If a user browses a website no one is able to eavesdrop his conversations or steal his data.
  • Integrity of data:  It is not possible to change or damage data unnoticed in the moment it is transferred – neither willful nor by accident.
  • Authentification: The HTTPS connection enables the user to be sure of communicating with the desired website. This authentification method protects against man-in-the-middle attacks where a malicious third party mocks the communication between two parties by pretending the identity of either one of them.

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