DENIC Supervisory Board appoints new full-time members of the Executive Board

Sabine Dolderer and Dr. Jörg Schweiger will manage the business of DENIC eG as of 1 October as CEO and CTO respectively.[news release] The Supervisory Board of DENIC has filled the two full-time posts in the Supervisory Board of the German domain registry with new Board members. Sabine Dolderer and Dr. Jörg Schweiger will assume the positions of CEO and CTO respectively as of 1 October 2007. The current full-time members of the Executive Board, Andreas Bäß and Stephan Deutsch, will continue to manage the business of DENIC until the end of September, and they have the full confidence of the Supervisory Board in doing so. The Supervisory Board thanks both for their long years of extremely valuable work with the Cooperative. “They have brought about great progress for DENIC by their excellent technical work and their tireless commitment. Their work as members of the Executive Board has had a decisive positive impact on the Cooperative,” so Elmar Knipp, chairman of DENIC’S Supervisory Board.Mrs. Dolderer already worked as a full-time member of DENIC’s Executive Board in the past. Her main responsibility in the new Executive Board will be the non-technical areas of DENIC. As CTO, Dr. Jörg Schweiger will be in charge of the technical fields and human resources. Before joining DENIC, he had various management functions, e.g. at Siemens and HDI. In the Executive Board of DENIC the two will cooperate with the two honorary members of the Executive Board, Marcus Schäfer and Carsten Schiefner. “We think that we have made a very good choice for DENIC with this unanimous personnel decision of the Supervisory Board. As it is composed, the new Executive Board provides the second largest registry in the world with a team that combines excellent expertise and broad experience in the political and legal environment of domain administration with well-founded technical and operative expertise with regard to the operation of high-availability services,” Elmar Knipp explicated the decision.Brief profiles of the two new members of DENIC’s Executive Board:


Sabine Dolderer received her diploma of computer sciences from the University of Karlsruhe. After her studies she worked seven years as a scientific employee and deputy department head in the field of networks and systems. Her tasks included the independent supervision of the third-party-fund project DENIC.From 1997 to 2001 she was the sole managing director of DENIC eG in Frankfurt. From 2001 until March 2007 she worked at DENIC as a full-time member of the Executive Board (CEO). During this time, she rendered an essential contribution to the development of the largest ccTLD registry and ensured with her extensive experience that DENIC was perfectly positioned on the international stage: She was member of the financial advisory council of ICANN and, for several years, member of the board of directors of CENTR, the umbrella organization of the European top level domain registries.Sabine Dolderer was born in 1962. She is married and has two children. In her leisure time she likes to go on a ramble, to go skiing or to ride a motorbike, if her family leaves her time for those hobbies.


Dr. Jörg Schweiger studied computer sciences combined with the subsidiary subject of economic sciences in Dortmund. He did his doctorate at the University of Linz. His scientific work always involved practical activities in the fields of software engineering, databases and object-oriented methods.His career included the following stations before he joined DENIC: Siemens (consulting and development for international projects, project manager of object-oriented system development), MID (Key Account Manager for CASE tools), the financial services company Delta Lloyd (department head/holder of a commercial power of attorney (Prokurist) of the IT services department), HDI (business unit manager IT).Dr. Jörg Schweiger was born in 1963, he is married and has two children. He has various sports as hobbies.This news release originally appeared at

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