Denic report on the state of .de ("Modern Communication is spelled with .de")

Denic have released a report on the state of domain names for .de up to the end of 2006. The report is very comprehensive. On the distribution of domain names, this varies widely throughout Germany. Munich city has the highest density of domain names, closely followed by N?rnberg, Bonn, Munich State and D?sseldorf. In centres of industry there are higher registrations than in rural areas, and registrations are higher in the western than in the eastern part of Germany. Comparing Bundesland (states), more domains are registered in Hamburg per capita, followed by Berlin, Hessen and Bayern. On a city-by-city comparison, the most domain names are registered in Berlin, followed by Hamburg and Munich. Approximately 80% of domains are registered to individuals and 580,000 (around 6%) registered outside of Germany as of end 2006.

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