DENIC Launches Second European Data Centre

DENIC logoDENIC have announced they have completed a comprehensive modernisation of their data centre’s with the launch of a new data centre in Amsterdam. With this data centre and the one in Frankfurt am Main, which has been operating reliably since 11 September 2007, DENIC now operates data centres at two international hubs in Europe.

DENIC has now achieved its goal of establishing two absolutely redundant data centres at locations that are geographically far apart. With the successfully tested option of switching production from one data centre to the other, DENIC has created infrastructures and processes, which once again significantly enhance stability and independence of their systems. The redundant data centres ensure permanent availability of the DENIC services.

Eeach data centre features redundant infrastructure components and server systems. Ultimately, all DENIC services are protected fourfold against disruptions and failures. With the introduction of the second European data centre, DENIC are now confident in looking safely to the future.

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