Dengate Thrush Steps Down As Top Level Domains Chair

Peter Dengate Thrush, the former ICANN chair and controversial appointment as the executive chairman as Top Level Domains Holdings is to step down as a director at the end of January 2013.

The appointment of Dengate Thrush as chair of TLDH was controversial due to the appointment a few weeks after he stepped down as ICANN chair in mid-2011 with concerns from many in the domain name community of a conflict of interest.

In a statement, TLDH said
Under Peter’s leadership, the Company has successfully developed a portfolio of 92 gTLD applications on behalf of itself, its clients and co-venturers, raised substantial capital from both its existing capital base and from new investors and Peter was instrumental in guiding and negotiating the contract with dot London, one of the most anticipated and valuable new gTLDs in the current gTLD round.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with TLDH and its Board through an historic phase in the growth of the domain name industry,” said Dengate Thrush in the same statement. “The company is now in a strong position to move forward to the next phase of its programme as gTLDs are implemented.”

Fred Krueger, a current director and former Chairman, will resume the role of Chairman following Peter’s departure.