Demand Media Plucks Pluck!

Demand Media logoDemand Media has bought Pluck, a provider of social networking software for between US$50 million and $75 million reports

Richard Rosenblatt, co-founder, chairman and CEO of social networking firm and domain namePluck logo registrar Demand Media, said Pluck “is the next step” for both his company and social networking in general continues The site, whose customers include traditional media companies such as the Washington Post and News Corp. along with consumer-branded Web sites, allows users to comment on articles and products.

Rosenblatt sees a big future in social media and has a history going back to 1994 when he “founded iMall, a Web site that provided tools to allow users to set up their own e-commerce stores. It eventually was sold to the now-defunct Excite@Home for $565 million. More recently, he was CEO of Intermix Media, parent of social networking site MySpace, which News Corp. bought for $650 million in 2005.”

“Rosenblatt said his experiences carry a common theme.

“’When I started iMall, it was to give merchants the ability to build their own stores,’ he said. ‘With MySpace it was to give people the ability to build content.

“’Demand Media allows people to build content, but rather than useless content, it’s useful and monetizable,’ he added.

“Demand now comprises 30 Web sites broken down into five categories: domain services, including the TV domain name URLs it sells; knowledge, which includes eHow and; outdoor/lifestyle, which includes and; entertainment, which includes and humor site; and games, which includes and The sites are a mix of ad-supported and subscription-based offerings.”

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