Demand for mobile video pushes UK operators to an expensive upgrade

The timing could hardly be worse. Mobile phone operators have spent billions of pounds rolling out 3G services for comparatively little return; now, amid a financial downturn and at the onset of a global recession, they are gearing up to do it all again.Until recently so-called 4G, which promises mobile broadband speeds that far outstrip even fixed-line broadband levels, seemed a comfortable four or even five years down the line. But not any more: Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, plans to auction 4G spectrum next year, forcing operators to commit to the new technology; worse, T-Mobile, the German group owned by Deutsche Telekom, has upped the ante and become the first operator to run trials of 4G LTE (long-term evolution), one of two competing technologies.To read this article in The Times in full, see

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